The history of the company

The beginnings of our company fall on 1981.

Our first investments were focused on production and sales of mercery as well as artificial jewelry.

Nowadays it is the next generation that uses our experience, knowledge and energy, to meet your requirements, but most of all to satisfy your needs.

A great impact on today’s shape of the Gieros Company is made by the brave approach to investment, precise strategy as well as common sense of risks that is so often inscribed into the road to success.

Our team

The employees of the Gieros-Marcin Gieros company have the knowledge, many years of experience and the awareness of constantly changing market needs.
Together we use this potential supporting and complementing each other on different stages of project implementation, to achieve the goals and meet the challenges set before us by the clients.
This cooperation makes us create a coherent whole, working in a family-like atmosphere.

How do we work


Based on gained experience as well as modern software and machines, we fully use fast and efficient procedures developed by us.
Punctuality is ensured by implemented work methods which are supported by dedicated programs made for planning and settling of the production.
Appropriate supply of production power as well as innovative and responsible approach to problems allows us to quickly and efficiently help the clients in sudden cases.
In case of fast rotating wares we make it possible to individually settle the matter of storing to significantly shorten the deadlines of implementation.

Finished projects

We do not limit ourselves to one branch.

With pleasure we can boast about the implementation of the projects among others for:


Moreover we make orders for the car, building, electric, electronic and food industry as well as children, ventilation and sewerage branch.