Products made out of plastics

We treat every project individually. We help with the choice of the plastics and the construction details. We fit the project into the technological requirements of the injection process, so that we use all of the benefits of plastics. We settle the terms of the cooperation individually. We carry out an economic analysis of the tools and the settlement method, putting pressure on the optimization of costs.
We can be proud of the newest machine park and software, among others for the simulation of the injection process, and the possibility of making the prototypes using the 3D printers.
We are happy to give advice concerning the project, construction and the operating of the finished product.
Production of elements made out of plastics in our company is fully repeatable and it is characterized by the highest quality. All of that, because of care for the technical culture, control of the process and maintaining quality standards as well as safety.

We are open to cooperation. Check what else makes us exceptional.

We encourage you to contact us.

From your idea to the ready product


We offer complex services related to the implementation of the project.
The main target of our activity is the satisfaction of the client, which we gain through the project, preparation of the instrumentation and the delivery of the final high quality product in a short execution time.

We always strive to fit the solution to your needs.

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